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About the Artist

Frank Adamo

A self-taught artist, Frank Adamo has celebrated the beauty of nature his entire life, even as a young boy growing up in New York City.

"I would go to the Museum of Natural History every chance I had, and study every inch of every exhibit and diorama in complete awe and fascination. I guess it was an oasis of sorts, where I would imagine myself high in the mountains with bighorn sheep, or just lying by a stream listening to frogs and crickets."

A Cape Cod resident since 1966, Frank has been commissioned by many highly respected organizations, such as Heritage Plantation of Sandwich, Mason & Sullivan, and Bird Carving America, Inc.

His work has received both local and national recognition, and is on display in museums, private collections, and a few select galleries and shows. It can also be seen by appointment at his Pocasset home and studio.

"Though it's true that only God can make a tree (or fish), I try to give my carvings a "spark of life", even though they are in a suspended state. I'm not trying to achieve an exact, anatomically perfect model, but rather a three-dimensional portrait that captures the essence of a living creature."

With the finest materials and craftsmanship, Frank has translated his childhood enthusiasm and love of nature into a limited number of beautiful and highly sought after works of art.

Inspiration from the Local Environment

Cape Cod has to be one of the greatest places in the world for an artist who loves the outdoors and the wildlife that fills it, and devotes his talent to recreating it in award winning carvings.

Ocean, ponds, streams, marshes and fields are home to an endless supply of subjects. All of this in an area of the country that truly appreciates art, and nurtures those who create it.


Frank is a member of the Society of Cape Cod Craftsmen, New England Wood Carvers' Association, and the National Wood Carvers Association.


Special thanks to my daughter, Cyndi for all her hard work getting me on the web. Even though the web site has evolved over time, her dilligence, persistence and inspiration made this all possible - Thank you Cyndi!!! FJA (Dad)

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