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Since there is never more than one work in progress at a time, and specific reference materials are used only once, each piece is truly one of a kind whether custom Ordering or purchased from stock.

Carvings are of basswood, sugar pine or tupelo, with occasional use of hardwoods. Several applications of sealer stabilize the wood and prepare it for a life-like finish of oil and acrylic paints.

Fish are finished with a medium to high gloss finish depending on the presentation, birds and other feathered carvings are left with a natural look. Fish are displayed as wall or table mounts. Birds are usually table mounts.


In stock items are changing all the time and start at $200.
Custom orders vary depending on your requirements.

Contact Information:

For more information, questions/requests, just to say hi, or to place an order, please send Email to:


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For more information, questions/requests, or to place an order, please send Email
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